Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What is The Daily Fitness Solution?

he Daily Fitness Solution is a general physical preparation program using bodyweight exercises and requiring just twenty minutes per day. It is a total fitness system, broad enough to be used as a stand alone exercise program but concise enough to be used as a complement to sports specific training. TDFS requires little or no equipment, and the exercises are simple to learn and perform safely. It is a fitness routine you can take with you anywhere, and with a daily commitment of only twenty minutes, even the busiest individual can find time to improve his health and fitness.

TDFS develops general physical preparedness (GPP), but GPP for what? TDFS won’t make you a world champion athlete, but it can help you develop real world strength and conditioning to meet the physical demands of life and sport. The system is oriented around functional fitness. Of course, functional fitness is a term being used frequently today, but it is rarely defined with precision. To develop functional fitness, one must first clarify what function he seeks to be fit enough to perform! Our use of the term functional fitness encompasses the general physical strength and endurance to meet the needs of daily life and advanced courses of athletic training.

TDFS is perfectly suited for busy people who need to improve their fitness level. These may include moms and dads, law enforcement and military personnel, firemen, mailmen, office workers, or individuals in a thousand similar situations. These people aren’t hoping to compete in the Olympic Games. They don’t need a training program designed for pro athletes or for celebrities who have hours every day to train for their next movie. What they need is a program that is simple to use, efficient and effective, and that will help them lose fat, build muscle, and improve their conditioning for the demands of everyday life. TDFS can help dads have the endurance to play soccer with their kids or take their family hiking. It can help moms have more energy for the demands of managing the house, the kids, and the dozen crises that appear every day. It can help the soldier, sailor, airman, or marine prepare for his next PFT without spending hours working out, and TDFS can give the blue collar worker the extra strength and conditioning he needs to finish his day with energy leftover for after work. TDFS is a perfect solution for the average guy (or gal) who wants to improve his life through physical exercise without making physical exercise his life.

TDFS is also designed to be useful for advanced trainees who have specific fitness demands at work or are aspiring or competitive athletes. TDFS will not make you a world-class powerlifter, or an All-State football player, or an elite marathoner, or a PGA golfer. To be a great athlete, you must train the specific skills of your chosen sport. What TDFS can do is make you a better athlete by improving your general fitness and conditioning. Unfortunately, GPP is often overlooked by athletes in preference to their sport specific skills. Just because a powerlifter is strong does not necessarily means that he is in shape. A golfer may nail every putt, but if he is too weak to drive the ball effectively or too winded to play eighteen holes, his lack of general fitness will hinder his success. TDFS can help athletes meet their general fitness needs in only twenty minutes a day, leaving them plenty of time to focus energy on improving their skills on the field of play.

How can TDFS be so broadly applicable? The answer is in the design of the daily workouts. Each day’s training is measured by time and intensity, not specific sets, reps, weights, or distances. Occasionally guidelines will be given for repetitions of a particular exercise, but each trainee decides how much he or she is capable of performing on any given day. The program works better than you might think. Since it is impossible to provide one (or two, or ten) rigid workout templates that would be applicable for every potential trainee, we have chosen to plan each day’s workout in such a way that both the obese beginner and the athletic veteran will be challenged. You won’t see “Run two miles” listed as the workout, but you will see “Run twenty minutes.” How far is twenty minutes? That depends on your current level of conditioning. This feature also helps prevent over-training since the participant is in control of his workout intensity. Each workout of the day contains instructions for adjusting the routine depending on a person’s present fitness level. Basic trainees will powerwalk instead of run, perform push-ups against a countertop or on their knees, and will adjust the more challenging strength exercises to a more suitable variation. You don’t have to wonder what to do if you can’t perform a particular exercise. The solution is right there waiting for you when you log on each day. It is the versatility of TDFS that makes it useful for people in such a wide variety of situations – from the obese to the Olympic!

So is TDFS the solution to every individual’s fitness needs? It would be rather presumptuous to think so. There are many good fitness programs available to the public, and even more bad ones. TDFS is the solution to many fitness issues, but it is not the only program that can address these needs. It may not even be the best program for your needs. Nevertheless, because of our program’s versatility, ease of use, accessibility, and effectiveness, we believe that it will be the fitness solution for many people. And because TDFS can be so easily combined with other programs, we hope you will at least consider giving our system a role in your personal fitness routine. Did we mention the best part? The Daily Fitness Solution is completely free.
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